About Us

We are a mobile game developer & publisher studio based in Istanbul, Turkey. With a dedicated team of passionate developers, we create games that provide a great user-experience filled with enjoyment. From development to publishing, we do everything in-house.


Spektra Games was founded in 2020 by two passionate game producers who have over 7 years of experience in the industry. Since 2020, we have developed 3 games that have reached millions of downloads with a team of talented people. 

We always look for passionate individuals who like to play/develop games that reach millions of people’s daily lives. Every member of our team plays a big role in deciding the features that will affect millions of players’ experience.

We always aim to create games that provide the best user experience with a well-designed style and development. Currently focusing on racing/simulation games, our vision is to be the genre-definer studio which defines the best game in its subject.


We create games with all the impact of people in our company and our users. 

Our mission is to make games that inspire players while providing a deep gaming experience with top-quality art style. We create and use cutting-edge technologies to bring the quality of computer games to mobile platforms.